Why use C60 in Organic Non-GMO oils?

Why Use C60 In Organic Non-GMO Oils?

Why use C60 in Organic Non-GMO oils?

Why use C60 in Organic Non-GMO oils?

In these times where everything is getting polluted and use of unnatural substances is on a rise it becomes even more necessary for us to return to natural resources and utilize organic products in our daily diet. One of the most common products we all use is oil. Now there are many types of oils on the market, some of which are genetically modified and grown with pesticides, and some grown organically and without harmful chemicals. There are also reputable companies which are no infusing beneficial naturally occurring elements like Carbon 60 (C60) with these incredibly healthy oils. One such company is C60 Labs, which was founded by David Chasse of Coralville, Iowa. C60 Labs infuses C60 in five organic non-GMO oils to choose from like Coconut/MCT, Olive, Sunflower, Avocado, and Hemp Seed oils.

Now the question which arises, are these natural organic oils any better than non-organic and genetically modified oils? If they are better then what are the advantages of such oils and why should we use organic oils. These are valid questions because we seldom discuss the benefits of using organic natural oils. So, let us first discuss some of the advantages of using natural organic oils and then decide for ourselves how the use of naturally organic oils is far better than using any other type of oil.

1. Natural boost to energy levels

Organic natural oils have the ability to give natural boost to our body. They have healing powers which bring positivity and increase the natural energies of body by opening up the chakras.

2 . Improves Body Immunity & Infections

All natural organic oils have healing powers and now with the infusion of carbon 60 in the oils they not only help in improving the body immunity but also help in curing various infections of stomach, gastro diseases and indigestion. Over all they help in healing the body naturally.

3. Help In Skin Rejuvenation

Natural organic oils are the best type of skin healers and make it more healthy. They have natural antioxidant in them which repair and make the skin glow. Use of organic oils have soothing effect on the skin and relax the body. That is why they are mainly used in all types of aromatherapy as well as body massages.

4. Assist In Balance Of Hormones

Another major advantage of using organic natural oils is that it helps in maintaining balance of hormones in the body. With the use of the right kind of organic oil the balance between various hormones like estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, thyroid and testosterone can not only be maintained may be improved as well.

These are some of the benefits which can be taken advantage of by use of natural organic oils. Even organic oil benefits are increasing more by infusions like Carbon 60 in them. Studies show C60 has the ability to act as a super antioxidant, helping to remove free radicals and enable to cells to heal naturally. That is another chapter we’ll discuss further in another article. But the main point is that the use of natural organic oils has many advantages and we should try and incorporate them in our daily lives to make it better.

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